Calling all lovers with a taste for adventure! I’ve got the inside scoop on Kris & Ilya’s unforgettable elopement in Iceland. This love story is anything but ordinary (unless your grandma’s idea of a good time includes a bit of wildness, then maybe it is). After saying their “I do’s” in Copenhagen’s cozy corners, these two love warriors took their romance to the rugged terrains of Iceland for an elopement that’s straight out of a storybook. From daring dips under icy waterfalls to unexpected speeding tickets, this journey was packed with moments that’ll have you itching to explore. So, get comfy, grab your favorite drink, and let’s dive into this adventure.

Our adventure began with a touchdown in Reykjavík, a quick car rental, and a beeline to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The night was creeping in, hiding Iceland’s stunning views, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. After a pit stop in Arnarstapi for some tasty vegan burgers, we called it a night, ready for what lay ahead.

As dawn broke, we were off to the Stone Bridge, greeted by the first light and breathtaking mountain vistas. Kris and Ilya, unfazed by the chilly winds, were all in, soaking up every second.

Our day was filled with exploring, from the peninsula’s edges to hidden beaches where Ilya learned the hard way that the ocean plays by its own rules, ending up with a pair of soaked shoes. And, let’s just say, a brisk waterfall shower is an experience of its own.

Our journey wrapped up with a visit to Kirkjufell, which, to be honest, didn’t quite live up to the hype for us. But that’s the beauty of adventure – it’s full of highs and lows. A speeding ticket on our way back added an unexpected twist to our tale, but it’s all part of the story now.

On our last day, we discovered a secluded hot spring, a hidden treasure that offered a peaceful finale to our whirlwind trip. As the sun rose, Kris and Ilya shared a moment of pure connection, a beautiful close to their elopement.

But there’s more to Kris and Ilya’s story than just breathtaking landscapes. Their elopement was also a celebration of their rich cultural backgrounds, blending traditions from the Philippines and Kazakhstan into their Icelandic adventure. Wearing a traditional Philippine barong and Taqiyah caps, they brought pieces of their heritage to the vast beauty of Iceland, making their elopement not just a journey of love but a heartfelt nod to their roots.

Kris and Ilya’s elopement wasn’t just an adventure through Iceland; it was a journey through their love, cultures, and the wild paths they chose to walk together. If you’re drawn to love stories that defy the norm, make sure to check out their Copenhagen chapter. And who knows where their love will take them next – but one thing’s for sure, it’s bound to be an adventure.

The image shows a dramatic early morning scene in Arnarstapi, Iceland, with the silhouette of a distinctive, steep mountain rising prominently against a dusky blue sky. In the foreground, a cluster of buildings with lit windows punctuates the landscape, alongside parked vehicles, hinting at human habitation in this rugged terrain.
In the dusk light, a gay couple stands hand-in-hand atop the natural stone arch at Arnarstapi, Iceland. Their silhouettes are set against a dramatic sky, capturing a moment of connection and adventure during their elopement.
This image portrays a gay couple holding hands on the Stone Bridge in Arnarstapi, Iceland, with a stunning silhouette of the rocky arch formation below them against the ocean. The sky is overcast, and the fading light of dusk adds a serene and intimate mood to the scene, celebrating their elopement in this magnificent natural landscape.
The image captures a gay couple on their elopement day, separated by a natural rock chasm with a majestic mountain rising behind them in Arnarstapi, Iceland. The contrasting scale of nature and humans is striking, with the couple's elegant attire juxtaposed against the raw, rocky landscape.
The image features an intimate moment between a gay couple dressed in light grey suits, with one partner kissing the other's hand, set against a backdrop of a striking Icelandic mountain landscape in soft light.
The photo shows a gay couple from behind, sitting together on a weathered wooden bench overlooking a narrow sea channel between rocky cliffs in Arnarstapi, Iceland, symbolizing companionship and serene contemplation in a rugged yet beautiful landscape.
The image shows a gay couple holding hands and walking down a gravel road towards a snow-capped mountain in Iceland, with a reflection in a puddle in the foreground adding depth to the serene, expansive landscape.
The photo depicts a miniature perspective of a couple standing on a rugged cliffside in Iceland, with the vast ocean in the background and striking rock formations rising from the sea.
A gay couple stands together near a towering white lighthouse, an iconic beacon against a cloudy sky, on the rocky landscape of Iceland's coastline.
The image features a close side-by-side profile view of a gay couple wearing traditional embroidered tunics and ornate tubeteika hats, with a vast, open Icelandic landscape stretching out behind them.
The image captures a tender moment between a gay couple holding hands, standing on a pebble beach facing the rough sea, under a moody sky. They are dressed warmly in a white jacket and a red jacket, with casual beanies, immersed in the vastness of the Icelandic coastal landscape.
A touching scene of a gay couple in an intimate moment, as they stand on a grassy hillside with one partner's forehead affectionately leaning against the other's, about to kiss, set against the rugged terrain of Iceland.
The image shows a gay couple holding hands, walking towards a picturesque white church with a red roof situated atop a grassy hill, embodying a tranquil and solemn journey together, with the overcast sky and the vast, open landscape of Iceland adding to the scene's serenity.
An intimate moment captured between a shirtless gay couple embracing each other, foreheads touching with affection, against a backdrop of a misty waterfall in Iceland's lush landscape.
A couple enjoys a tranquil moment in a geothermal pool in Iceland, surrounded by the serene, rolling hills of the rugged Icelandic countryside.
Two men stand back to back in the middle of a desolate road, surrounded by the expansive Icelandic landscape, under the vast open sky. They appear contemplative and connected, symbolizing a shared journey ahead.
In a beautifully lit interior of Reykjavik's main church, a gay couple stands closely, their foreheads touching tenderly. They are adorned in traditional embroidered tunics and elegant tubeteika hats, a moment of quiet intimacy captured within the grandeur of the church's architecture.
The photo captures a gay couple's hands almost touching, showing off their wedding bands, against the backdrop of the famous rainbow street in Reykjavik, which is a vibrant symbol of the city's pride and support for the LGBTQ+ community.
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