your (destination) wedding photographer

Based in the seaport of Hamburg, Germany. For me, there is nothing like standing on the docks at night, watching the waves crush into the harbour while the city sleeps.

I was born in 1977, the year that punk rock and Star Wars came to life, and I was raised on both. I guess that explains a certain 'rebel streak' rather well.

I love to ride my (fixed gear) bike and the feeling of complete freedom while racing across one of Hamburg's countless bridges or down a mountain road in a faraway country.

The exploration of the faraway...

...and the experience of the clash and (even more so) the togetherness of cultures has greatly influenced me and my outlook on life.

My work is all about connection, emotion, authenticity and equality.
I love to document (destination) weddings of creative and adventurous off-beat couples who are madly in love with life and each other.



I am being told I look like Bela B., the drummer/singer of famous German punk band “Die Ärzte”. And yes, there’s this photo of us together.

I was born the day after the king of Rock ’n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, died.

Although I am vegan for many years now, I would like to get rid of insects sometimes, especially spiders and wasps.

I didn't like cats until my girlfriend and her feline companion moved in with me and yeah, cat pictures appeared on my Instagram account on the very next day.


to explore cities on my fixed gear bike (just leave the plane, get the tools out, a couple of nuts and bolts here and there, air in the tires and I'm off)

energy filled punk rock / hardcore shows, the ones where sweat is dropping from the ceiling and you find yourself in one big crowded pack with the others

vegan fast food

(neo-) traditional tattoos

the disarming candour of the Bondi beach lifestyle

immersing myself in the overwhelming experience of nature in Iceland

Getting lost in the colourful landscapes and culture of Central America

(...or you could just say that I like travelling, I guess)

(and at the moment I'm trying to fall in love with running, but it's a still a tough love)


racism, nationalism and patriotism

violence towards human and non-human animals

flat tires on my bikes

shiitake mushrooms & eggplants, their texture is just bah!

the smell of newspapers – don’t ask me why, I have no idea. I just can’t stand it and my reaction

can vary between me just feeling a little off to getting a massive headache

sexist behaviour in any sort of way


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