You know, there are days when writing the copy for a blog post feels easy and everything just falls in place. Other times though, you’ll find yourself in front of the desktop computer, typing, deleting, typing, deleting, closing the browser window. Sure, it would be easy to just go for a simple copy, something that includes alternative wedding photographer for modern couples, winter wedding, adventurous elopement, tattooed bride or whatever there might be that’s working SEO-wise. But will it do justice to the people? Does that matter? To me it does. It does matter. Real people, real emotions, real connection.

(Ten minutes later, a cup of coffee by my side, I find myself tucked in a blanket, Macbook on my lap, trying to go writing this story.

There was something different with this wedding, this time I haven’t met the couple in person or talked to them via Skype to get to know them before their wedding day. Something that normally is really important to me but as everything was really last minute this time this was the way to go.

As I found myself traveling to Fehmarn early in the morning, checking the forecast, it came clear that it was gonna cold and rainy, sure it was the end of November, but the days before it was still quite ok outside. I got a little nervous as I didn’t know anything about them and if they were gonna be ok with being outside in the wind, rain and cold. Let me tell you, all this nervousness was unnecessary. As I learned from Steffi’s bridesmaid, Steffi was the one who would love to be somewhere in rainy Scotland, riding horses in the wild and vast nature. She doesn’t give a fox about the cold or rain nor wind, she actually loves it. A lot. So we found ourselves on the beach, braving the elements. Enjoying it a lot.

I decided to only show the images from the portrait session this time. Why? I can’t really tell you why, as I haven’t seen a bride or guests cry this much at any other civil wedding I shot throughout the years, but maybe it’s exactly that, I want it to be for them and the few friends and family they had around them that day. But I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy these images a lot.

Hafenliebe 2018 Bottle4250

Appreciating the time you’ve spent here…

… and if you’re inspired, I’m ready to listen, to click, to capture. Let’s craft the narrative of your love, together.

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