Love knows no bounds: Kris & Ilya’s Copenhagen Elopement

As a photographer, I have captured some truly special moments in my career, but this one was particularly memorable. I met with Kris and Ilya, a loving gay couple from the US who had made their home in the Netherlands, in the heart of Copenhagen. They had chosen this beautiful city as the location for their elopement, and I was lucky enough to be a part of their special day.

The day before the wedding, I met with the couple at Superkilen Park in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. This park celebrates cultural diversity and is a perfect place to capture the city's essence. Kris and Ilya were dressed casually, and we spent the afternoon taking portraits in this beautiful and vibrant setting.

On the wedding day, I arrived at their hotel, the Skt Petri, a trendy luxury hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. As I walked into their room, I found Kris and Ilya still in bed, snuggled up together, and I couldn't help but smile at the sight. We started the day slowly, capturing the intimate moments of them getting ready for the big day.

Next, we walked to Copenhagen's impressive town hall, where the ceremony would take place. As we still had some time before the ceremony, we took the opportunity to explore the hidden gem areas of the town hall. I felt inspired to create something in the veins of Wes Anderson movies for this loving couple.

The ceremony was short but beautiful, and it was clear that the officiants in Copenhagen take great pride in being able to marry LGBTQ+ couples. I noticed Kris and Ilya were holding back their tears, but their love was evident and palpable.

After the ceremony, we spent the afternoon taking more portraits around town, capturing the love and joy radiating from Kris and Ilya. As the day came to a close, they left for their wedding dinner and night out, and I was left with a sense of happiness and fulfillment, knowing that I had been a part of their special day.

The next day, we would meet again at Copenhagen's airport to fly to Iceland, but that is a separate story (click here to see it). This day, this moment, will always be a special one for me, and I am grateful to Kris and Ilya for allowing me to capture their love and joy on their wedding day.

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