This wedding is so special to me. To witness the excitement and the joy about their wedding is something I haven’t seen in that way before. But let’s start from the beginning, so you can understand why this is so dear to me. Terence and Kevin are from Hong Kong & Taiwan. They came to Copenhagen to get married, as they are not allowed to in their home country. The two have been a couple for about six years now and have gone through a lot together. Successfully battled sickness together. But something that, to me, was heartbreaking to hear is the fact they have to hide their love for each other in their daily life. Can you imagine living together and pretending to be something else than a loving couple? Having never ever kissed your partner in public?

When we started shooting portraits the day before the actual wedding day, we started out very early in the morning so Terence and Kevin would feel comfortable with it and not feel observed and stared at like they do back at home.

There actually is this image of the moment before their FIRST-EVER kiss in public. It’s so hard to imagine this, and it’s kind of heartbreaking. But it was so great to see them lose up. On the other hand, it’s so sad that gay couples are really having a hard time just being themselves in public in China, as they told me. This marriage in Denmark will mean nothing in China though, but I’m so happy for the two, and I hope they will find a new home soon where they can feel comfortable and just embrace each other’s love to the fullest.

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