Having photographers in front of my lens is always something special to me. In a good and a “bad” way, good, obviously because it’s great to have one’s work acknowledged by peers, “bad” because it drives me insane often times. It makes me nervous, not while I’m actually shooting but afterwards. I don’t know what it is that keeps telling my brain “you better hope they like what you came up with”, but it’s definitely there. This time was no exception to this rule I never set for myself but I keep sticking to it.

I loved the idea Caro + Maurice had about shooting parts of these photos in their new, still empty flat for their after wedding session. Marking a new start that way, love it. So I had to think about what to do in an empty flat. Luckily Mother Nature was on my side and provided me the best light I could have hoped for, so I could shoot the images the way I envisioned them.

These are not your typical “full of love” images, some of them I believe set an atmosphere that would go great along Joy Division’s “Love will tear us apart”, but I love them and more importantly THEY love them. What more could I wish for. And again, nervous for no reason at all in the end.

…have a look for yourself.

Hafenliebe 2018 Bottle4250

Appreciating the time you’ve spent here…

… and if you’re inspired, I’m ready to listen, to click, to capture. Let’s craft the narrative of your love, together.

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