The Rural Workshop is very special to me. Last year it was the workshop I ever spoke / taught at. Cristina & Roberto, the organizers of The Rural, believed in me and asked me to speak and if they hadn’t I maybe would have never started to educate and inspire other photographers. So, when they asked mer to return, to just hang out, have a great time and snap some photos… how could I have said no to that? Additionally knowing that some of my friends were to speak at this year’s edition? I just couldn’t, so last week I flew to Barcelona. It was time for The Rural.

Having returned to Hamburg yesterday, I somehow miss the chaos of the Rural, the Rural family, the amazing people from this year’s staff, the sunsets and sunrises, the beers and talks with old and new friends. I don’t want to write too much as I feel I already have a lot of images in this post, so just scroll through and enjoy. Officially this was the last edition of The Rural workshop, but somehow I have the feeling it will not. I’m pretty sure they will come up with something for 2019 and I just can’t wait.

Un abrazo colectivo.

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