Remember my last blog post in which I wrote about my time as a speaker at The Rural Workshop in Spain? Good. Here are the photos we took during my live shoot in front of 60 attendees. It was the first time ever that I didn’t shoot a real couple. I didn’t know what to think about this at first, as for me authenticity is so important, but that’s the way it is sometimes on workshops. And in the end it’s about showing how I work, so people can take something from it. Susana & David, my lovely models, did a good job on this as they have only met the same day. I was happy that Jess of Happy Endings Barcelona did a good job on preparing this shoot for me and she did a good job understanding what I like and what I don’t like, so it didn’t turn out into an editorial session. Thank you, Jess. And of course, thank you Susana & David for modeling for me and Vanessa for hair & make-up. (Full credits can be found below the photos.)

Models: Susana & David
Wedding Planner: Happy Endings Barcelona
Flowers: Oh Fleurs!
Dress: Charo Ruiz
Hair & Make-Up: Vanessa Crespo

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