Sometimes as a wedding photographer you come across a couple in love that is so cute with each other, that you simply have to take their photo. You just have to, it’s like breathing. Exactly this happened, when I met Alberto & Yago of A&Y Video during my time at The Rural Workshop in Barcelona, Spain, where they, like me, were speakers. When all the classes and seminars were done we met on the last afternoon of the camp and took their portraits. It was such a great time with them, to talk to them and get to know them at least a little bit and I can already say we’re looking forward to meet them again.

Twelve years in love and from the outside it just feels so fresh. Keep on loving each other, guys. You got something special.

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  1. Absolutely inspiring, these images full of love and transmitting so much strength can only be made by people of exceptional sensitivity. The use of darkness is masterful, congratulations guys! A hug!

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