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I’m just a wild heart
with a free spirit
and an open road ahead.

When we travelled to Switzerland last year, we already knew we could expect very emotional and fun days, as we had already accompanied these two lovers on their elopement to Australia and documented them saying yes to each other on surf boards in the ocean at Palm Beach, New South Wales. So even if one of us is highly afraid of flying (we don’t want to note again that it’s Jessy), we made it to Zurich safe and sound. Haven’t been to Switzerland since we photographed a wedding in Gstaad in 2015, we were excited to return to this beautiful country. And we also couldn’t have waited any longer to finally meet Petra & Roman again.

These two are wild hearted and there is no other option than to fall in love with these two immediately as soon as you get to know them. We are sure there’s no one alive who disagrees with that. Their home base is near the Zurich Lake which you should really visit, when you are around. If you’re living in the North of Germany like we do, you don’t know anything about mountain views – so we always feel (and maybe behave) like little children in front of a candy bar whenever we are able to breathe in mountain air.  So, as soon as we entered their home, where the wedding celebration took place as well, we fell in love with the view over the lake and the mountains in the background. Such a lovely place to live. We imagined waking up there every morning and first thing to do was going for a swim. It’s not an Australian beach, but not bad either.

The planning and decoration and setting up the tent in the backyard and almost everything that had to be done for this summer wedding and the celebration of Petra’s & Roman’s love for each other had been done by themselves with a lot of help from their families and friends. Almost all of their close friends and relatives had a task that day and so there was a lot of heart involved. This is such a special thing and not to to be taken for granted.  We are pretty sure the two appreciate what they got. To be honest, everyone could see it that day, so many laughter shared, so many tears of joy that had to be wiped away. One thing we really remember a lot was when Roman’s niece was playing “Una Mattina” by Ludovico Einaudi on the electric piano and almost everyone started crying, including herself, almost so much that she was hardly able to continue playing. It was hard for us to keep by ourselves and not to cry like babies as well. So emotional. 

If there are two words that would definitely describe the wedding day of Petra & Roman perfectly, these would be: laid back and crazy. (OK, three words.) Especially the party was dope! After we were done with taking photos, we started dancing ourselves as well, till our feet were sore. Wildly jumping around with Roman to Nirvana’s “Smells like teen spirit” or dancing to “Footloose”. Such a fun party. (Are you going to do another one soon? Can we come? Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeeee?)

Some side fact: Petra is a wedding photographer herself, so it was a big thing for us to capture their elopement and the big wedding ceremony. It’s always a big honor for us to have colleagues wanting to have us to document such an important day of their life. 

Every time we think back to these days in Switzerland, we are smiling wide – and we do hope that you are going to enjoy this day as much as we did. So we’re leaving you here with these images. Be prepared, many many to come.

Dear Petra and Roman, we are wishing you just the best, always a good swell – and we are sure that your love will grow even more when your little girl is finally with you soon.


Was für traumhfte Fotos – und was für ein süßes Paar. Da musste ich doch gleich mal ne Runde mitweinen.

Love it! Beautiful moments!

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