I'll show you mine, if you show me yours first.
Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse.
Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words.



You actually don't need a wedding or any other reason than you being madly in love with your significant other to document your love for each other. To me a wedding is just one of these days on which love is celebrated, but you can and you should do this every day. Time moves fast and we never know when it's gonna be over, so live life to the fullest.

My YOU-sessions can vary between shooting "just" a portrait session of two hours but they can end up seeing me travel with you for some days to write your story. Ever thought of going on a trip and having this documented? But there's no need to go to some epic place, I do also love to shoot these sessions in your hometown, your home, whatever we can think of.

Looking forward to document your story.


Lisa+Matt LET THE STORY UNFOLD ORLA+NEILL | BONDI BEACH, AUSTRALIA LET THE STORY UNFOLD ASH+JOEL | BONDI BEACH, AUSTRALIA The world was on fire and no-one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you - Chris Isaac Met with Ash & Joel ... LET THE STORY UNFOLD MAJA+LUTTI | SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA LET THE STORY UNFOLD FRANZISKA+SEBASTIAN | ST. PETER-ORDING, GERMANY I'll stay, I'll stay to keep you warm, Sleep by rivers like the ones you got at home, and I'm sure, I'm sure we'll be here a long. - Kyle Lionhart LET THE STORY UNFOLD Gunda+Daniel Let's forget about the world because it doesn't matter and let's just focus on you and me... - The National LET THE STORY UNFOLD Jessi+Jo Young lover let's waste no time You're too concerned with heaven It's right there in your eyes Young lover right now you're mine Don't think of your tomorrow Let's kiss like we could die ton... LET THE STORY UNFOLD Jule+Rory we'll find our own way home and sing out every song we know no one can keep us down and who gives a fuck what anybody says we'll live and love until we're dead holding on to what we've come to ... LET THE STORY UNFOLD Tori+Lucas Tori and Lucas are cyclists. They ride in bicycle races. On fixed gear bikes. Fast. Both of them are from the USA and while Lucas lives in California, Tori right now lives in Florida, so obviously it'... LET THE STORY UNFOLD Susann+Yannic Als wir Anfang November mit den Bildpoeten auf Mallorca waren, hatten wir gehofft, dass wir ein Paar vor die Linsen bekommen würden. Die Landschaft dort ist einfach atemberaubend und so ein großer Kontrast zu der urbanen Gegend Hamburgs. Während eines Spaziergangs am letzten Tag der Woche, die leider mit sehr viel Regen für uns da war, haben wir dann aber doch eine kleine Regenpause erwischt und die Chance genutzt und ein paar Bilder mit Susann und Yannic (die Zwei sind nicht nur unheimlich talentierte Fotografen, sondern kochen auch ungemein gut vegetarisch/vegan, schaut mal bei ihrem Blog Krautkopf vorbei) machen könnenEarly November... LET THE STORY UNFOLD