Visual Supply Co. or better known as VSCO and the providers of the popular VSCO Film Packs and VSCO Cam on the smartphone just crashed my workflow with sending out today’s news via email. They will discontinue their product VSCO Keys. To me this was a game changer in saving time in our post-production. There was almost no need to use the mouse anymore as I was able to almost edit anything in Lightroom just by striking keys. I don’t know what the reason behind this is and I can only assume what it is, but I totally dislike it. As of the end of 2015 there will be no support for that product anymore and with Apple rolling out a new system sooner or later the plugin might stop working.

VSCO, I think you’re breaking photographer’s hearts with this decision and not only theirs but also their friends’ and families’ as we will have to stay in front of the computer way longer again to finish our editing process. So, really? Who would want that? Why do you do this to us? Please, for the sake of it, rethink your decision one more time, or even twice if after the first time you decided to keep it that way.

When VSCO Keys was released in late 2012 it changed my workflow a lot. It got a lot faster, easier, more comfortable and I love it that way. Let’s say it like it is: I LOVE VSCO KEYS! And I want to be able to use it in 2016 as well as I did for the last couple of years. So, please VSCO, let us know about your future plans on this. Is there anything new coming up instead of it? PLEASE!

Photographers, especially wedding photographers, do you know of anything similar? Any other system/plugin that works similarly or maybe even better?

Let’s connect to show our love for VSCO Keys, let’s make them rethink their decision.

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