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"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

Hamburg Wedding Photographer – Waldhof Mölln Wedding Oh man, this is the part I dislike about blogging wedding stories - the writing. There are days when it comes easy to me, while at other times I'm staring at a blank screen for hours. In these moments... LET THE STORY UNFOLD Love will (never) tear us apart | After Wedding Session Having photographers in front of my lens is always something special to me. In a good and a "bad" way, good, obviously because it's great to have one's work acknowledged by peers, "bad" because it dri... LET THE STORY UNFOLD Manchester Wedding Photographer – Wentworth Castle Gardens Wedding It poured down all morning, my family were in utter chaos, things were forgotten and so many of the details went wrong, but we surrendered to what was and how lucky we are and we had one of the most wonderful days together, with the people we love. A reminder that there is joy to be found in the chaos. LET THE STORY UNFOLD London Wedding Photographer – Same Sex Wedding Camden Town LONDON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER - CAMDEN TOWN WEDDING Thinking back to one of the first weddings of 2017 today. In April I was flying to England to take over my duties as London wedding photographer (che... LET THE STORY UNFOLD A CRAZY GERMAN JAPANESE WEDDING DRINKING PARTY The story of Cordelia and Wataru is so special. When they told me about it, it felt like listening to someone reading a movie script. Let's keep it short and please try no to cry (not yet). In 2016... LET THE STORY UNFOLD STEFFI + OLLI | FEHMARN, GERMANY You know, there are days when writing the copy for a blog post feels easy and everything just falls in place. Other times though, you'll find yourself in front of the desktop computer, typing, deletin... LET THE STORY UNFOLD ROLAND + THOMAS | GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN Going back to the end of September 2017 for this wedding... Uhm, wait, I think I might start a little bit earlier with the story for that one. (Yeah, like always, I know.) In early February Roland mes... LET THE STORY UNFOLD CHRISTOPHER + HJÖRDIS | OPEN FLAIR FESTIVAL WEDDING, GERMANY I believe this has been the most non-wedding wedding we ever shot. Maybe except the one where we didn't shoot the wedding ceremony itself a few years ago, but this one here is really something differe... LET THE STORY UNFOLD SAM + ROBERT | EDEN BARN, CUMBRIA, ENGLAND How to start with this one? How to describe a wedding that offered so much to document? Should we start with the bride playing the drums during the first dance? The bride's dad putting on System Of A ... LET THE STORY UNFOLD ANNIE + DANIEL | RØMØ, DENMARK What's there to say about this session and this couple? Annie + Daniel are an amazing modern couple. Annie, a strong young woman, a feminist, always good for a serious, intelligent talk. Daniel, a sin... LET THE STORY UNFOLD