New Site, New Project

Life works in mysterious ways.

I clearly remember myself saying a few years ago I’m not an educator. And I really believed in this by that time. But if I learned something throughout life, it is that you gotta allow change to happen. So, when I got asked to be speaking at a big workshop in Spain in 2017 a lot changed for me after that workshop. I understood that I had something to to give to people, to share. And so I found my way into educating other wedding photographers, even though I never actually intended to do so.

I just turned 44 two days ago, still dealing with the global pandemic and I’m writing these words as a new project of mine is seeing the light of day: a website that’s gonna be focusing on education for (wedding) photographers. I was thinking of this website for a few months now and today finally sees the start.

I’m happy and honestly, a bit afraid of how it will be received. But, I’ll see how that goes.

In order to be able to create content that really matters to, I’d be happy to hear feedback and ideas on topics you’d like to have me covered. I got a huge list already prepared. To do so email me or join the Hafenliebe Education FB group.

I’m looking forward to see this project grow.

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