This one's my workhorse. When I made the switch from Canon to Sony (and from DSLR to mirrorless), a whole new world opened up to me.

I love how lightweight and versatile this camera is. The silent shutter, the fast and reliable auto-focus with eye-tracking changed the way I shot weddings.

Sometimes it makes me a little lazier than before on the 5D Mark III, but from a creative point of view, I can now shoot in a way I wasn't able to before.


sigma 35mm 1.4

My main go-to lens. It's my most favorite focal length. 95% of my photos (or even more) have been taken with that one. It's a heavy beast, but on the Sony it's definitely reliable and doesn't cost the world. I smashed one to pieces a few years ago and got a new one right away without hesitation.

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canon 85mm 1.8

My go to lens for situations in which I wanna be less intrusive or can't get close enough to my subject. This will mostly be during ceremony, speeches and dinner.

If you wonder why I do use Canon lenses on a Sony camera, cause I can. Adapting with Sigma's MC-11 adapter I can use the Canon lenses on my A9 and there's no need to get new gear and spend money and waste resources as long as it's still good to go.


sigma 24mm 1.4

This one comes into play when I want something more dramatic or have to work in really small spaces.

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Tamron 24-70mm 2.8

The backup lens. If something breaks, this will cover most bases to get the day finished.


canon 5d mark iii

My former main workhorse now became my backup camera. Since I'm only shooting with one camera on me during a wedding, this one stays in my backpack most of the time, but if the Sony fails (which it never did), I can quickly grab that one and shoot with the same lenses as before.


tiffen black PROmist filter

Since I switched to Sony, my images came out a bit too digital, too sharp, too defined for me, so I went looking for options. The Black Mist filter was a great solution for me. It reduces highlights and lowers contrast and helps achieve a more filmic look. I'm using two versions of it, a 1/8 one and a 1/2 one.


f-stop gear dyota 20l backpack

Being a proud brand ambassador for f-stop gear I own several of their amazing backpacks.

For weddings the Dyota 20l is my choice, as it doesn't look like a camera backpack at all. It's not screaming "photographer" and so it's not overly disturbing my appearance on a wedding day.


peak design strap

When I was still shooting with two cameras a t the same time, my go to strap what the HoldFast Camera Swagg holster, now the Peak Design Strap is the one I trust to hold my Sony A9 safely.

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apple macbook pro 13" m1

What a beast. Early in 2021 I had to make the decision in which way to upgrade my 2015 iMac. I opted for a powerful laptop and a separate display as in that way I was able to not only upgrade my office solution, but also the mobile one.

The new M1 chip in this MacBook runs so fast, I love it.


eizo color edge cg-2730

Yes, this one's expensive, and there for sure are solutions less cheaper, but one's you worked on an Eizo display, you never wanna go back. Let alone the self-calibration feature is something I don't wanna miss.

Its colour tones appear the same at all points of the screen, without the brightness fluctuations that you get with a typical LCD.

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sandisk extreme ssd

My choice of mobile hard drive, perfect for taking on travels, small, fast and secure.

Up to two-meter drop protection and IP55 water and dust resistance mean this durable drive can take a beating.



This editing console is fun to work with and makes editing with Lightroom way faster for me. I sometimes wish it was smaller, so I could take it on travels with me, but for the office, this is great.


logitech mx keys for mac

Designed to work seamlessly on your Mac and iPad. MX Keys for Mac is crafted for efficiency, stability, and precision – with backlit keys that adjust to changing lighting conditions. Proximity sensors detect your hands, illuminating the keyboard the moment your fingers approach. The backlit keys then fade off when you leave the desk.

It follows your MX Master 3 for Mac from one Mac to another, meaning you can type on multiple devices in one fluid workflow.

The keyboard of my choice for the office. It looks beautiful, it's well crafted. It's Logitech, you know the quality.

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logitech mx MASTER 3 for mac

From the moment I got this mouse, I loved it. It's crafted for the shape of your hand. Create, make, and do more intuitively with ideally-placed back/forward and gesture buttons – and a new thumb wheel.

The scrolling wheel is so damn fast, it's unbelievable, but equally precise in the same time.

The mouse is fully customizable in macOS and virtually every app you use – and you’ll work faster with predefined customizations optimized for your favorite apps.


caldigit thunderbolt dock

The TS3 Plus is the ideal solution for Thunderbolt 3 Mac & PC users who need to connect multiple devices to their laptops such as SD Card Readers, USB hard drives, dual monitors, digital audio devices, Thunderbolt 3 components, and more. With the TS3 Plus, a single Thunderbolt 3 port from your laptop expands to 15 ports! Power users need as many ports as they can get hold of and the TS3 Plus delivers on this promise. Whether you need multiple USB ports, dual 4K display connectivity, Digital Optical Audio out, or an SD Card Reader, the TS3 Plus packs everything into an incredibly compact unit. Don’t compromise on connectivity with the TS3 Plus!

Of course it also charges my beloved MacBook Pro.

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flexispot standing desk

When I moved from my shared office to home office, I needed a new desk solution. I had been thinking about getting a standing desk for quite some time and this was the chance to get one. It's not overlay expensive, it's motorised and I can set a timer to remind me to switch between heights (sitting and standing).

Pretty cool.


sony WH-1000XM3

They sound good, they fit my head well and the noise cancelling works fantastic. Even after a few hours wearing these I don't get any pain on my ears or too much pressure on my head overall.

Only the integrated microphone could be improved, but as long as you don't wanna use these for calls, you are fine.

Perfect in the airplane or a noisy shared office.

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