"Show me how you do that trick?
The one that makes me scream", she said.
"The one that makes me laugh", she said.
And threw her arms around my neck.
"Show me how you do it,
And I promise you, I promise
that I'll run away with you."



Elopement [ih-lohp-muh nt] - The act of two lovers running away from family and society to secretly get married, usually without the knowledge of one's parents and family.

That's one definition I found for the term elopement and here's why I love documenting elopements and why I think it's a great way for couples to get hitched. Often times when a couple is planning the wedding, they get overwhelmed with it, all the expectations they wanna fulfill, the list of who to invite gets longer and longer and everything just seems to add up and they lose fun in planning their wedding. Especially with the idea of fulfilling someone else's expectations, I believe, they are making the biggest mistake right form the start. Often times they lose sight of what it's really about in the core of its idea: to say yes to someone, to commit to a relationship.

Over the past years I saw more and more people eloping and often times it's not because they don't want to share their happiness with family and friends but because they want to focus on the significant other without feeling pressurized by peers. Often they'll get married secretly in a place that really means something to them or a real adventurous place and then they'll just have a party with family and friends some time later.

I believe it's a really romantic thing to think about what you really wanna do on the day you say yes to your partner, where you wanna do it and not just to head out to any of the standard wedding locations just because they will fit everybody you invited. And, I learned a thing from the couples whose elopement I documented: none of their loved ones were mad at them for doing it. None.