Last week it was time for WAY UP NORTH 2016 in Rome, Italy. If you are following our blog you might have read this blog post about the WAY UP NORTH conference in Stockholm in October 2015. So I, Björn,  won’t get into too many details, just want to let you know it’s a wedding photographer conference and people from all over the world are flying in to attend it. It’s a great chance to get inspiration and even better to meet friends you might have never met in person before. WUN was amazing, just like Stockholm was. Maybe the line-up of speakers was a bit more interesting in Stockholm, but the aspect of networking was way better in Rome and the after-show party was nuts. Michael of THE FLASH DANCE made everyone sweat and dance with his DJ’ing skills. The moment Brian Morrow took over the microphone and started rapping, was just unreal. So much fun. Like I said before, I don’t want to get into too many details, you can find info on the conference on their website and just let me tell you: it’s so worth to attend it. Now enjoy some of the photos I took while staying in Rome.

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  1. As being a photographer myself I can honestly tell you that these images are one of the best I have seen in years. Great perspectives and a remarkable eye for detail.

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