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I need you so much closer.
– Death Cab for Cutie

We love traveling and lucky enough our job / our passion as wedding photographers allows us to travel from time to time. And of course, we love road trips, even if they’re only for one day. There are so many beautiful destinations within reach, we as (wedding) photographers, as travelers, as humans, enjoy going to. If these day trips lead us to the shore we’re the first to jump into the car.

This time the navigation system’s destination for our travel with Hanna & Hendrik was set for the small island Rømø, just at the southern border of Denmark. (Fun fact: did you know Roman Polanski shot the movie “The Ghostwriter” party on Rømø? It’s a great movie, so if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and do it.) Björn spent New Year’s 2015/2016 in that are and fell in love with that island again. The beach is unimaginable. Really wide and so much open space. One simply has to enjoy this place, even bitterly cold. Lucky as they were, Hanna & Hendrik had each other to keep them warm.

Hafenliebe Hochzeitsfotografie

thank you, Lukasz

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