We love travelling. We love to explore new countries, to discover new cultures. Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of your life you will be able to tell people you’ve almost visited every country of the world? Or at least a big part of it? We appreciate this privilege of our work so much. We are able to travel the world just because of the camera in our hands and the images we make. We don’t take this for granted. We never will.

What about you? Are you sometimes feeling stuck in the same location, the daily routines of life? Let’s change this and go on an adventure together. Let’s go out and explore the world. Do you need a reason to book a flight to any country besides just for being curious about it? We don’t and we hope to meet the like-minded.


In the last years we had the chance to shoot weddings and sessions in amazing locations such as Portugal, Italy, France, Spain. We fell in love with Lisbon, enjoyed the portuguese coast a lot, the beauty of nature we found there was overwhelming. We explored the city of love, Paris. We strolled through Italy a few times. We saw lovers eloping to Australia and get married on a surfboard in the ocean. We had the chance to discover the raw intensity of Ireland’s coastline. We were overwhelmed by the beauty and vast scenery of Iceland. Added to this are all the amazing cities we’ve been able to visit just because of photography: New York, London, Sydney, Stockholm, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, …






02/2017 – Barcelona, Spain
03/2017 – Rømø, Denmark
04/2017 – Azores
04/2017 – Rome, Italy
04/2017 – London, England

05/2017 – Gran Canaria
09/2017 – England
10/2017 – Stockholm, Sweden
10/2017 – England
11/2017 – Rømø, Denmark
11/2017 – Gran Canaria