SAM + ROBERT | EDEN BARN, CUMBRIA, ENGLAND How to start with this one? How to describe a wedding that offered so much to document? Should we start with the bride playing the drums during the first dance? The bride's dad putting on System Of A ... READ MORE ANNIE + DANIEL | RØMØ, DENMARK What's there to say about this session and this couple? Annie + Daniel are an amazing modern couple. Annie, a strong young woman, a feminist, always good for a serious, intelligent talk. Daniel, a sin... READ MORE NAMED ONE OF THE RANGEFINDER’S 30 RISING STARS OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY 2017 Wow, how do we even start writing this? If you're following us you already know we're not the ones to be so confident about our work. There are times when after a wedding you'll find both of us in the... READ MORE AGNES + ANDI | HAMBURG, GERMANY If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? - Snow Patrol READ MORE SANDRA + ROBERT | HAMBURG, GERMANY 53°34’17.966″N 9°57’9,967″E "It's in the stars And you're my everything from here to Mars And every word I say I truly mean Dear darling, I hope I'm being clear Cause there's no one like you on E... READ MORE NINA + TORBEN | Rømø, Denmark Oh Rømø, you know you already had our hearts, but every time we're returning to this beautiful island in Denmark we feel like we're in love again for the first time. This time was special, let us tell... READ MORE ANGELA+IVAN | GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN Do you remember Angela & Ivan? We recently blogged a session we shot with them during Camp Archipelago on the Azores and right after our stay in Portugal, we decided we have to visit these two lov... READ MORE LELIA+MICHELE | AZORES, PORTUGAL To write something about this session is not the easiest task to do. Screw that, being honest isn't hard at all and this session deserves all honesty it can get. While I, Björn, was on the beautiful A... READ MORE ANGELA+IVAN | AZORES, PORTUGAL He's gonna marry her He's never gonna let it fall apart Two runaways - I AM THE AVALANCHE Meeting those two beautiful souls during the Camp Archipelago was something special. We met Ivan for the f... READ MORE Twyla+Gary | Azores, Portugal Please don't stop me lover Burn my heart from the cleaner side Please don't stop me lover Flood my mind Let me breathe your sigh - Fismoll So, what can we say about this wedding? Björn was one o... READ MORE