We are definitely not for you if you are looking for the pastel-colored happy happy joy joy backlit images. Also, if you are looking for a traditional approach on wedding photography, it’s not us you’re looking for. This may sound harsh at first, but believe us, everyone, either you or us will benefit from our honesty in the end. You don’t want to end up with just any wedding photographer and we don’t want to be anyone’s wedding photographer. With choosing your wedding photographer you are choosing the person who preserves memories, a part of your legacy. We want you to value your wedding photos. You are investing in memories for a lifetime and beyond. And actually there are so many of us, you will find the right one for you, please take your time to decide.


But we don’t want this to sound negative, it’s just our experience over the years. We provide creative, fine art wedding photography with a raw, sometimes moody and sometimes dark, always authentic approach for clients ranging from contemporary to alternative couples who want fine art and creativity in their images. We are fascinated by human connection and as artists and visual storytellers we love to explore the world and to capture raw emotion between people deeply in love. We love adventures and we like life lived as an adventure. A life enjoyed to the fullest every day.


To us it’s really important to create a basis of mutual trust, where everyone feels comfortable – cause your wedding is a very special moment and a personal ceremony – and trust is one of the most important elements for us to create beautiful imagery. We need you to fully trust us and let us do our thing. Every image you will see on our website has been created relying on trust.

If you’re into honest, authentic documentary photography with an artistic, often moody and sometimes dark approach you might take a deeper look into our work and you might love what you see. If you feel comfortable, if you feel touched by our photography, it’s most certainly you we are looking for as an ideal client. So don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can create memories together.