We are Jessy and Björn, living in the seaport city of Hamburg. We love the taste of salty sea air and the feeling of wind in our hair. We love to explore, to capture raw and pure emotions between people. We love weddings the most, when it’s all about the what and how you want this to be for you, not how you want this to be prestigious to others. It’s not about how much money you put in it, but how much heart and soul you carry along the way.

To us photography is a matter of heart. We love to capture emotions and moments in a way others can feel them, even years later. It’s wonderful to preserve these moments forever so people can experience their feelings again. At weddings hearts beat faster, hands are shaky and emotions are overwhelming. We preserve all these things through our photographs for you and future generations, so you can look back on it and tell your future grandchildren your story with a smile on your face.


Ever experienced this? We bet you have, cause we all have. But how does this connect to weddings? When we will first meet we are total strangers to each others. You will have seen our work, we will have read your email, but that’s it. So it’s gonna be exciting if we’re a good match. To us it’s really important to create a basis of mutual trust, where everyone feels comfortable – cause a wedding is a very special moment and a personal ceremony – and trust is one of the most important elements for us to create beautiful imagery. We need you to fully trust us and let us do our thing. Every image you will see on our website has been created relying on trust. If you’re looking for the classic wedding photographer, you might most probably not be looking for us. And you most problably won’t be happy with the art we will produce during your wedding.

If you’re into honest, authentic documentary photography with an artistic, often moody and sometimes dark approach you might take a deeper look into our work and you might love what you see. If you feel comfortable, if you feel touched by our photography, it’s most certainly you we are looking for as an ideal client. So don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can create memories together. In the end strangers might become friends or at least an important part of your wedding day.

We really appreciate that we are able to be part of unique moments like weddings – moments of families growing together, generations meeting each other. Stories will be told and memories will be made. Memories you will keep forever.


No, it’s not. It’s a mix of two German words. “Hafen”, which means harbour and “Liebe”, which is love. It’s pronounced /ˈhaːfṇliːbə/. It’s our way to pay homage to the city we live in, the way we feel when we’re sitting at the docks, listening to the crashing waves and watching ships pass by for hours. It’s really hard to explain, but you’re invited to hang out with us.

We hope to be telling your stories soon.
– Jessy & Björn